The Bijvoet Center provides multidisciplinary education and research training, bringing together aspects from chemistry, biology, pharmacy, and medicine. Education is provided to bachelor students through a dedicated Molecular Life Science track in the Chemistry curriculum of Utrecht University, and has a dedicated programme for the education of master students (Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences) and for PhD candidates (Molecular Life Science). Our educational programmes are part of the Graduate School of Life Sciences at Utrecht University. The educational programme for PhD candidates of the Bijvoet Center has been accredited by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1992.

The Bijvoet Center organizes regular Bijvoet-seminars in which external scientists are invited to present their research to the students, postdocs and staff of the center. The Bijvoet Symposia, organized once a year, feature excellent invited speakers who are top-scientists that have contributed significantly to the progress of their respective areas of science. The symposia also allow the PhD candidates in the center to present their research to the local scientific community. Every summer, the Bijvoet Center also organizes, together with The Utrecht Summer School, a summerschool called “Exploring Nature’s Molecular Machines” on the chemical principles underlying protein structure and function and how proteins form an assembly of “molecular machines”.

Our educational programmes