Exosome complexEvery summer, the Bijvoet Center organizes, together with summerschool Utrecht a summerschool called “Exploring Nature’s Molecular Machines” on the chemical principles underlying protein structure and function and how proteins form an assembly of “molecular machines”.

The course explores how proteins “know” what shape they should fold up into following their synthesis, how they cluster into dynamic macromolecular complexes, and how these complexes communicate to form “social” networks that enable cells to move, replicate, signal, and execute other vital processes. The students are introduced to advanced methods in structural and molecular biology for decoding the cellular protein machinery at atomic resolution, and examine how malfunction of specific components can lead to systemic failure and disease. The school will combine theory (lectures, tutorials) with experiment, laboratory tours and a visit to a leading Biotech company.

Scholarships for this Summerschool are available for talented, promising students. Detailed information on the upcoming summerschool, the dates and the costs, as well as a subscription form can be found on the official Utrecht Summerschool site: