The yearly Bijvoet Symposia allows PhD candidates in the Bijvoet Center to present their research to the entire institute, combined with external speakers. Over the years, a large number of excellent speakers have presented at the symposium. Without exception the invited speakers were top-scientists that have contributed significantly to the progress of their respective areas of science. You may have a look at the historical speaker page.

The next Bijvoet  Symposium will take place on 15 April, 2019

in lecture hall COSMOS of the Victor Koningsbergergebouw, Budapestlaan 4a-b, Utrecht.  The symposium will feature talks from selected PhD candidates and postdocs from the research groups in the Bijvoet Center and lectures from three NWO Spinoza Prize laureates from Utrecht University that are active in the field of molecular and cellular life sciences:


On-line registration for the Bijvoet Symposium 2018 is now open, the full program of the meeting is available here.

CIMG0130The Bijvoet tutorial symposia, which have been organized since 1989, are devoted to various aspects of the structure, function and interaction of biomolecules. The meeting is intended for everybody interested in structural biology. All PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows and staff members working at the Bijvoet Graduate School are expected to actively participate in this event. It creates unique possibilities to become fully aware of the multi-disciplinary approach that is necessary to solve problems related to the functioning of biomolecules.

PhD candidate of the Year
Before every Bijvoet Symposium, supervisors of our PhD candidates are asked to nominate people for the award of  PhD candidate of the Year. From all nominees, the Scientific Advisory Board of the Bijvoet Center selects the winning candidate, who receives a prize and is given the opportunity to present their research at the symposium.

The winners of the PhD candidate of the year award of the Bijvoet Center over the past years are:

  • 2017: Tania Morán Luengo (Cellular Protein Chemistry)
  • 2017: Deniz Ugurlar (Crystal and Structural Chemistry)
  • 2016: Deni Mance (NMR Spectroscopy)
  • 2015: Gydo van Zundert (Computational Structural Biology)
  • 2014: Joost Snijder (Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics)
  • 2013: Weng Chuan Peng (Crystal and Structural Chemistry)
  • 2012: Panagiotis Kastritis (Computational Structural Biology)
  • 2011: Ezgi Karaca (Computational Structural Biology)
  • 2010: Elif Karagöz (Cellular Protein Chemistry)
  • 2009: Jin Wu (Crystal and Structural Chemistry)